Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller

Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller:  Unreliable Narration in Postmodern Literature             As societal and cultural sentiment shifted away from the certainty of the modern era into the relativism of the postmodern period, both the content and techniques of fiction adapted to address and reflect the new … Continue reading Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller

Writers as Entrepreneurs

Abstract This report outlines research done to determine the scope and impact of the changing employment outlook for writers and journalists.  The research conducted revealed that it has become increasingly rare for writers and journalists to find full-time employment with a single employer.  Included is a proposed solution to better equip current writers and better … Continue reading Writers as Entrepreneurs

How (Not) to Make an Impression

English 112 was supposed to be an easy A for me. I’ve tutored students through English 112, for goodness sakes.  Babies. Children. Humans half my age and with none of my experience. So, naturally, English 112 has been kicking my wordcrafting booty in the best sort of way.  I might even share my “impeccably researched” … Continue reading How (Not) to Make an Impression