Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller

Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller:  Unreliable Narration in Postmodern Literature             As societal and cultural sentiment shifted away from the certainty of the modern era into the relativism of the postmodern period, both the content and techniques of fiction adapted to address and reflect the new … Continue reading Truth is Relative to the Experience of the Storyteller

Surveillance is Not Security

This article was written in April of 2017. Another student is dead.  In San Bernardino, CA, the parents of Jonathan Martinez are still grieving the loss of their child, the most recent victim of school shootings.  Other parents and school counselors will have explained to a special needs classroom why their teacher, Karen Smith, will … Continue reading Surveillance is Not Security

Custodians of Knowledge

This is an old post about one of my very favorite lesson plans that I used during my stint as a homeschool enrichment tutor.  It's about Shakespeare and hip hop. Somewhere along the line, I was introduced to a TEDTalk in which Shakespeare is compared to hip hop.  (I wish I could remember which brilliant … Continue reading Custodians of Knowledge